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I'm so misunderstood LOL ! Actually, I was hoping one or more enterprising experianced drummer(s) might take the intiative to post
a "drum tuner" in the form of Mp3 or wav file - similar to the guitar tuners available on-line. Personally, I'd like to hear a "Bonham Tuner"
as I play his size drums ('cause I'm having an awful time tuning mine - to the point that I've stopped trying). I'm very frustrated right now. Just bought my 18" to complete the set but between the 14, 16 & 18 I just can't get them in 3rds or the range of his drums. If someone could even isolate just one tom hit on each drum from an existing file they have (of their own drums) I'd be willing to try and make a Flash tuner
(from the guitar tuners I've already downloaded). The other point was a guitar has only one tuning range - I was wrong ! Forgot about "open tunings" etc.Also, I had asked if they may already exist or had the suggestion already been beat into the ground and unworkable. Obviously I communicate with a keyboard as poorly as I tune drums LOL ! Of course I do not expect anyone to jump at my suggestion - just hoping someone might find the idea a good and useful one (as they have on the "guitar" sites). Am I missing something here ? Maybe it's just me - wouldn't be the first time !
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