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Default Re: Phil Maturano here!

Originally Posted by Phil Maturano View Post
Well...its not easy to water down. I can tell you it involves using a time management matrix and is very detailed in nature. The way to really make progress is by following a system and tracking results. If someone takes a private lesson with me, we dedicate half hour to learning the system. Thats how involved it is.
Well if you ever do decide to come to L.A. let me know cause I'm down for a lesson...

Originally Posted by Phil Maturano View Post
BTW...have you seen the new videos??
Nah...which ones?

BTW - I think I'm starting to get some independence against the Tumbao ostinato using your book....I can even so some pulled back triplets against it....but those 5 and 7 note groupings are still killer :D
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