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I'm in complete harmony with both of your thoughts about Patton. Faith No More's "Angel Dust" was one of the most vocally challenging albums imo. While it isn't as.. can I say.. "crazy" as the Fantomas, Tomohawk, Bungle stuff... its his amazing pipes and harmonic abilities that lay beneath his innovative style which helped his progression. The guy is INCREDIBLE. Have any of you heard his cover of "Easy" or "This Guys In Love With You"? I think they are better than the originals. So much more flavor in the vocals.

I have seen FMN, Fantomas, Bungle (previous FNM days), but never Tomahawk or Peeping Tom. Hopefully that will happen someday. I have followed Patton and his works since the beginning. Most don't know that Bungle was Patton's high-school band, but I'm sure you guys do.

Like you said Sleepy.. "You either love him or hate him."
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