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Default Re: I need a good mp3 player for about 50 bucks

Originally Posted by SmoothJazz View Post
I am leaning towards the 2 gig, I am looking on amazon and I figure I might as well shell out a little more for the 2 gig since my collection is quite large.

edit: I found a refurbished one for 50 so I am definitely getting it, that info will be helpful now!
Ok, well all you do is plug in the player, then open Windows Explorer. Go to whatever drive the player comes up as (for me I think it's F) Just create folders off of the root directory named whatever you want, then copy music to it.

When you want to access that folder in the player, you push the grey jog wheel on the side, and scroll to "Skip Folder". Press the jog wheel again to select. Then press again to select "Root". After you do that you can then scroll through the different folders you created.

Keep in mind though if you get to the end of a song in a folder, it won't start from the beginning it will go on to the next folder. But it's still a decent way to organize.
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