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Default Mp3/Wav files

If this has been done already, please excuse me (I did search first).
Is it possible to post very short Mp3 or wav files here demonstrating
ones drum tuning ? Over the years I've collected various guitar tuners
from actual recorded strings to electronic generated. The differences
though from guitar tuners are they are "fixed". An "A" is an "A" (except for the octave) but drummers tune in all sorts of ways e.g.; 3rds, 5th or have a 2 or 3 tom setup etc., single bass/double bass drums and many tuned to the sound of a favorite drummer. Personally, I'd love a simple one strike per drum tuner that I could loop. I have a difficult time due to severe tinnitus which the ringing/overtones wreak havoc with. I get very frustrated as I'm sure many here do ('specially when I'm tuning "Rockstars" LOL !). I have 14",16" &18" toms and, although the "sound" of Bonham won't be possible for me to duplicate I know, just getting the tuning right would be a big help. OK, so, if this has been done adnausium, fire away !
ps - I "previewed" this and can't get it straightened out !
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