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Default Re: I need a good mp3 player for about 50 bucks

Originally Posted by fourstringdrums View Post
I have a Creative MuVo v100 2GB that I got for $70.

The 1GB is $40. I like it because it is super small, light and you don't need a cable to transfer to the computer. The player itself pulls apart (see amazon pictures) and plugs into your USB. Then you can either use supplied software to import music, or just do the easier option and copy and paste music to the newly created drive once it's plugged in. The only gripe I have is that while you can create new folders to store your music off of the root directory, the manual is useless and doesn't tell you how to do it and then access them in the player. If you get this one, PM me and I'll tell you how.
I am leaning towards the 2 gig, I am looking on amazon and I figure I might as well shell out a little more for the 2 gig since my collection is quite large.

edit: I found a refurbished one for 50 so I am definitely getting it, that info will be helpful now!
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