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Erik Lund
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Default Re: The Real Football Thread

And it was 4th down too.

I love Bill Simmons:

So now I speak without thinking Michael? Or have I spoken once again while you were out of town since a Thursday and I was supposed to know? I mean, I've let your condescending attitude go for a while, but I don't need your little winking punctuation faces along with your insults.

I am so glad the rest of the world hates my Patriots. And I am so glad they are actually doing something about it: i.e. "Crushing Every Team" Not only because it distracts me enough from my horrendous Red Sox (seriously, how do we NOT have Elisbury starting? and can we please kidnap Gagne until 2010?) but because they're just so much fun to watch. I was jumping up and down saying "Go for it!" and there they were - going for it. Dallas can't stop a 4th string back, and I had to put up with 2 weeks of hearing how they were gonna beat the Pats? The 90's were last decade. The Pats own this decade.
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