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Yes, I'm a big Patton fan. Have been for over ten years when I was first introduced to Bungle. Love it. I've seen Tomahawk live and own that album you pictured. People either love or hate what he does. He's done a couple of strange side projects that eventually will be in my hands. There's one he did with a trumpet player, and another he did with a choir of children. I only have one Bungle album, but none of the Faith No More stuff. All in due time (too much great music out there to afford it all). I want to get the Peeping Tom one as well.

There is a great interview of him in an old Tape Op. I'd have to dig to find the issue. He talked a lot about recording with Bungle. He said they ran out of tracks on the reel to reel so they had to combine lots of instruments on the same track at different times. For example, for 30 seconds there may be a vocal bit, for the next 12 it may be a vibraphone, etc. Mixing was quite a challenge but I think the end result was so great. He's one of my favorite composers. I'd really like to hear a collaboration of Patton and Amon Tobin.
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