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Default Re: Barriemore Barlow

he has always been in my top five. besides his incredible natural technique and blistering chops he always played the unexpected part. and these little orchestrations just flowed out of him with such grace. a true original. his rudimental technique is blistering also, listen to the press rolls in thick as a brick. if you study minstrel in the gallery you will find some of the most tasteful double bass work on record. he didnt use them to propel the song, he just sprinkled a little doublebass here and there to evoke power, or as a foundation with a quiet rumble of thunder really low in the mix. when i play a solo i cant help but inject parts of his bursting out solo (conundrum) well the easier parts anyway here and there. ok thats it ill just say listen to minstrel in the gallery from end to end and see what you think. be well, PP
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