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Rod is an amazing drummer - I first heard him with the Steve Morse Band (around the time of "The Introduction") and then with the Dixie Dregs and other side projects. He has been a tremendous inspiration on my own playing and has pushed me in directions that have perhaps developed my playing to another level. I had the pleasure of meeting him at a drum festival in Tampa one year - he was a super nice guy and really passionate about drumming. His clinic also ruled. I've seen him live with the Dregs a number of times over the years - and he is a master musician - dynamics, groove, power, speed, finesse, amazing!

If you haven't heard him - you must certainly check out his work with the Dixie Dregs (sometimes just "The Dregs" ;) For me, the song "Assembly line" is just a freakin' smoking groove. I love his use of ghost stokes in the main verse groove. I also loved his work with Jordan Rudess (now with Dream Theater) - it's an instrumental project called RPM with some of the sickest keyboard/drum fusion jams I've ever heard.
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