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Default Re: hendrix vs. paige

Well, I'll be the oddball here. I actually think Jimmy Page is a better guitarist all the way around than Hendrix. I don't think either of them are overrated, but do think Page is a bit underrated when being compared to Hendrix, but then who isn't. I think if one honestly listens to each of their playing witholding their biases if possible, you'll find Page had better chording/phrasing than Hendrix in the overall and a larger database in his mind to draw from than Hendrix. Page IMHO was the best guitarist American or Brit to come out of the 60s. My bias is the sound itself, I just frankly like Page's sound better than Hendrix. I like Hendrix' playing, but prefer Page in the overall. I don't like getting into the 'who is better than who' stuff on any technical level but just the same with drumming, it comes down to whose sound my ears prefer. Someone could be the greatest 'technician' but bore me to tears because I can't get into their sound. It's that way with drumming for me as well, a whole lot of 'technically' great drummers around these days who I actually can't stand their sound because half of them are so unmusical.

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