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Travis Barker? I've never heard him in +44, but in his blink182 days, I would think, what the heck is he doing? In other hands, Tre Cool, the drummer for Green Day, puts in great beats and fills, not to technical, etc, and has great control over his fills. For example, he can go fast on his tom fills but with power and even strokes.

Travis Barker has great hands, power, creativity, but from what I have heard in Blink182, he sounds like another drummer on YouTube playing metal, and fast punk songs.
But keep in mind that without Barker, a lot of young drummers now wouldn't be playing they are now, go on youtube and look for blink182 covers. most of the people that have posted a video has other videos, and on their other videos you can clealry see that there is a Travis Barker influence in their some where.
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