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Default Re: Video: Gospelchops - Shedding....

Originally Posted by Joe P View Post
If you looked at all 3 clips (+ the trailer), each one of them overplays like nobody's business. (Overplaying, it seems, is as much a part of Gospel Music as the swinging is to jazz!)

i think a lot about what you wrote, and I got to the point that i agree with you, but probably I would ad one thing, it is as much a part of Gospel Music, but played by black drummers, because, I saw i think all of the gospelchops videos, they have on youtube, and on theyr site, and there were also white drummers, playing gospel ( on gospelchops there is only one, i think) and they played it differently....

but I disagree, with this - "I can see how this video by itself might appear that way but you have to realise it is a compilation of pieces by different drummers. Since we only see a 15 sec. max. continuous footage of each drummer, and not, say, 5 or 6 different songs from which these clips are taken from, which might put each piece in context and perspective, it doesn't seem fair to judge their musicality from this alone." - because, when you watched those videos from gospelchops, its the same...although youre watching 15minutes of one drummer playing...
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