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Default Re: The Real Football Thread

Oh my, Tom Brady is a fricken monster. 5 TD's!!! WOW! He's on pace for beating Mannings single season TD record, damn. I have to say the game was a good one at the half, but I guess Brady was too much.

Oh and now we learn that the chargers are finally back. Now they're looking like the team we saw last year. LT is his old self again racking up 198 yards and 4 TD's!

And now I'm watching the Saints and Seahawks game and I'm very satisfied that the saints are winning, it hurts to see them struggle.

Oh and if anyone didnt realize i'm not really a fan of a particular NFL team, i just like watching football : ).

P.S. Mr. Pasquini, how did you do that panther thing?
"Defeat is crowned by Success, Only if you Persist."
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