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Default Re: Video: Gospelchops - Shedding....

Originally Posted by fourstringdrums View Post
No I tend to agree. The playing is very impressive, but it is just a fury of chops, not very tasteful. For me it's impressive only for a short amount of time and then it gets old. As great as the drummers are, I have yet to see one who has just played simply and wonder if they actually can.
Yeah, maybe it`s just because that isn`t exactly our bag?
Though I heard some stuff which seems to be a nice mix of chops and grooving. Not to seperate groove and chops...I mean when a drummer lets space when it is required, plays in a "clever" way but shoots on the right spots (also when soloing) THAT is great.

Another thing is having a good musical "undertone" in your playing, no matter what style of music. It`s always nice for a listener if phrases or musical figures are repeated, developed...if there is simply structure.
Maybe it`s just me but I heard guys in the vids who took care of those rough points and I loved it.


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