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Phil Collins...yes...for me, the best drummer ever ! I know many will say: well you can't say one drummer is the best ever...true in a way, but in my humble opinion, and I can only speak from my own experience...Phil is truly on another level altogether.

For me, Phil has managed to find the perfect balance between technique and feel.
Many drummers may be technique beasts, but feel sterile and cold. Others have plenty of emotions, but lack in technique.

Phil can also play any style, and make it sound awesome! From the sound of His drums, to the emotions and fire He puts in his playing...even a simple 4/4. Matchless!

I have seen Phil solo, Big Band and Genesis altogether about 60 times, all over the world, from 87 and I have never been dissapointed!

On top of it all, I had the great fortune to meet Him quite a few times and He is a total gentleman. Kind, friendly and humble...incredible!

He is the one to whom I owe the discovery of my drumming abilities, and is my life inspiration.

I just got a replica of his classic Gretsch kit and it sounds and feel amazing. If you want to see me play on it for the first time, go to the links below. I did not even change the heads yet to remos, or removed the front BD head...could not wait! lol

I am playing right handed at the mo, but training myself to be able to play both left and right handed, so that I can play left handed (more faithful to the original ;)) in my next Genesis tribute band, currently forming in Maryland.

If you want to know more about what I do, go to

Below are the youtube links:

Cheers !

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