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Default Re: The vinyl, the tape or CD debate!

I was born within the CD culture so naturally i love CDs, i HATE! MP3s (i mean when you buy them over iTunes or something, i rip CDs to iTunes to put on my ipod) I couldn't have an album in just MP3 format, and when it comes to bands like Porcupine Tree and Drop The Lime (who happen to be a couple of my fave bands) its impossible to find CD versions, so i settle for MP3 :/ and its so annoying. I hope they re-release most of the rare stuff.

But yea, CDs for me, Tapes are too annoying to fiddle with, Vinyls for me are just for collectables. I love the idea of vinyls but they're too much hassle to play, but the artwork looks better on Vinyl cases than CDs cases (well the Mars Volta ones i have do anyways).
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