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real name? Peter Sullivan
age? 13, 14 at the end of september
how long been playing? 4 months
origin of user name? My mind
top 5 drummers? Jaska Raatikainen, Dave Laing, Daniel Erlandsson, Adrian Erlandsson, Buddy Rich
make of drumkit? Pearl
make of cymbal? Sabian/Meinl
where do you practice? In my basement
are you in a band/s? no, but i have an audition this week
covers or originals? i dont know yet
what style of music? jazz and metal
favourite take out food? pizza sema
country? Canada
one really odd fact about yourself? the odd fact about me is that there is nothing remotely odd about me
how did you start drumming? gradually...i took an interest at one point, banged on the drumset i had in the basement until my dad got me a teacher.
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