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Originally Posted by Wernervonwaltsleben View Post
hey, dont know if this sounds lame but i receive alot of inspiration from many drummers.i mean like in the whole thomas lang, not groover debate and stuff.
im busy with both his dvd's and it's realy cool and a challenge, but on the other hand im also doing some steve smith stuff and gavin harrison.
im mostly into jazz playing and i try to lay down a descent groove and make it sound musical.
so its something from both worlds for me.every educational thing helps your drumming, if you do a thomas lang exercise for instance, it helps for something else you might come up with which you can use in a musical way.i dont think im exactly making sense:-0
but i find it to play jazz, to groove, to be able to do the thomas lang, virgil donati stuff, it realy helps you expanding your vision on drumming and what you can create for a song or whatever.
damn, i just typed this so sorry if it sounds like im talking nonsense.

I think i get the gist, but I must say I can't see how guys like Lang and Donati ar going to help expand your jazz playing... You're certainly getting stuck in at the deep end with these guys. You could also try getting some material of the established groovers, Gadd, Hakim, Steve Jordan, to balance out the chops guys.
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