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Default Re: Kumu four piece.

Originally Posted by Jusstickinaround View Post
Well, that sounds good to me, but his opinion on hardware and his over use of the word "bolted" are totally false and I'm a bit tired of hearing it. If he doesn't want anything on his kick or anywhere that's fine, but if I want it, don't keep telling me or anyone else how bad it is.
It's as false as the world is flat mate. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to work out that attaching aything to the shell is going to have some sort of effect on its ability to vibrate. Why do practically all toms come with suspension mounts these days? I'll tell you now, it's not a conspiracy started by Gibraltar and RIMS, it's called physics.

Now, if this is alteration in vibration of sound waves (ie sound produced) is noticable in a real-life amplified setting is debatable. I tend to go with the belief that once you hit a certain volume combined with other instruments a lot of drums start sounding pretty similar. In the studio this is a different case. I probably can't justify the extra expense of going solid-shell free-floating drums; I'm an Engineering & Design student not a musician. Really, I can't justify going much higher than Ludwig Classics, Gretsch Renowns, etc because it won't have that big an effect on my career, income, etc.

Personally, I'd say DMCs "opinion on hardware and his over use of the word "bolted" " are a hell of a lot less irritating that your reappearing view on said issue. Give it a break.

Sorry to WL for the tangent this thread has taken.

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