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I don't think critisising Portnoy about getting into the drummer's hall of fame is anything to argue about, it wasn't his choice. In my opinion i think he did deserve it(check my name), his unique style and passionnate playing has obviously been recognised, and has influenced many a drummer, otherwise there wouldnt be 875+ replys on this thread. Sure he's no Thomas Lang.. but would Dream Theater, LTE, or any of his other sideprojects be what they are today with that Austrian behind the kit? (not saying Lang's a bad player, i've seen him live, his drumming is insane, but he could never pull off a Portnoy). Drummers in the hall of fame arn't there because they can play every rudiment at 180bpm with their feet... they've influened the world of drums in some way, wouldn't you agree? Dennis Chambers, Bonham, Max Roach (rip), Buddy Rich etc. They got there for that reason. I'm sure everyone knows, just reinforcing a point :)
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