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Default Re: Audiophile Recommendations - Home Sound System

Just don't get anything from Boulder electronics:
we wondered what could possibly go into a $36,000 stereo amplifier to justify its price.........The 1010 ($11,000 USD) and 2010 ($36,000) preamplifiers and 1012 DAC/preamp ($16,000, shown right) display various messages....... The 2060 stereo amplifier ($36,000, shown right) weighs 240 pounds. To see the interior of this beast is to admire its mind-boggling complexity.........The $29,000 2008 phono stage sold in greater quantities in its first year of production than..........

If you believe all that, you could end up spending $101,000 just to do what a regular "integrated amplifier" does. And you still wouldn't be able any music. You would still need to buy speakers and a CD player and/or turntable.
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