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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name? -Matt
age? -18
how long been playing? -7 years
origin of user name? -thought it sounded cool
top 5 drummers? -Dave Lombardo, Tomas Haake, Joey Jordison, Gene Hoglan, Danny Carey
make of drumkit? -DW
make of cymbal? -Zildjian
where do you practice? -basement
are you in a band/s? -yes, A Burning Embrace
covers or originals? -both
what style of music? -metal..(well metalcore I guess but I like to say metal because we have a different sound than most metalcore bands)
favourite take out food? -subway
country? -USA
one really odd fact about yourself? -I'm a diehard metalhead but I don't appear that way. I feel I shouldn't have to drown myself in an image just because I like a certain style of music.
how did you start drumming? -My uncle has been drumming all his life, and the first time I saw him play I was blown away and wanted to learn how to drum.