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Default Songs Your Band Covers

List the top 10 songs (with artist names) your band covers that are either a crowd favorite, or ones your band enjoys playing and does so well (sounding good overall trumps accuracy).

Our band's top 10 (in order - best 1st):

1) The Ocean Breathes Salty: Modest Mouse
2) Tiny Dancer: Elton John
3) Flake: Jack Johnson
4) Folsom Prison Blues: Johnny Cash
5) You Turn The Screws: Cake
6) Doin' Time: Sublime
7) Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Part 1: The Flaming Lips
8) I Will Survive: Cake + Gloria Gaynor (we mix both sounds)
9) Get Up Stand Up: Bob Marley (we do a rock-like version)
10) Pawn Shop: Sublime
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