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Default Re: Audiophile Recommendations - Home Sound System

Thanks for the 'input' guys (har har). The last sound system I had was all Pioneer, I had just picked up the whole unit from Sears for around a grand. It sounded pretty good but wasn't great...but with a 250 CD changer, amp, tape deck, etc. it was nice to have everything in one package. I'm sorry I ever got rid of it.

I didn't realize equalizers weren't a good idea. The last one I had worked pretty well but I had never tried shutting it off.

As for usage, I mostly want it for music but I'd like to also use it for the TV. My in-laws are living w/ us for a few months and they were career roofers, they're legally deaf and we have to crank it to 11 when they're around or they constantly ask "WHAT DID HE SAY? WHAT? WHAT?". Good times.

mikei - those Axiom speakers are really nice! If I buy a system piece-by-piece I'll consider those, for sure!

cnw60 - you're right about the cables, I got talked into Monster cables when I bought my TV...I'm not sure they would have been any better than an off-brand of the same kind.

Thanks all!
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