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Default Re: Kumu four piece.

Originally Posted by Jusstickinaround View Post
Actually, I have not one bit of interest at all in your kit or your discrimanation against hardware on the kick.
I truly believe people like yourself put more emphasis on trying to do anything you can to get a perfect drum sound to make up for the lack of skill involved in making your drums sound good.
I'll tell you why that company you mentioned called MyMi went out of buisiness......nobody bought there drums! Why? Because drums with no lugs look plain and lack character, and they don''t sound any better than drums with lugs. The same thing goes for drums with tom holders or without, I've owned drums with and without "virgin" bass drums, and have found no difference in sound from drums made of the same quality. Sometimes I'll hang my tom, using an L-arm, off a cymbal stand, but other times it's more convient to hang it off the kick, it depends if I want to mess with bringing a heavy stand as opposed to light weight stands.
I don't care if you agree or not, but get off your high horse.
Not to be an a**hole, but you are sounding a little childish and unsettled. I understand where you're coming from; DMC is very particular about his shells and hardware (all of which are amazing). I also agree about the aesthetics of free-floating drums in comparison with traditional lugs, as I think that lugs do look better.
However, to disregard the fact that there is a sonic difference created by the application of extra steel attached to the shell in the form of not allowing the shell to vibrate as freely as it would without the hardware. By far, the nicest kit I have ever heard was a Sleishman. 100% free-floating shells, and most certainly not going out of business. Seriously check them out if you get a chance, they make amazing products.
I'm not taking sides here, but rather just giving you the heads up. I'd be a very happy guy sitting behind that mahogany Ludwig of yours just as I would be behind a Sleishman. Either way, they're a hell of a lot better than the PDP that I'm playing at the moment due to my lack of funds at college.
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