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Default Re: Daniel Adair

He is my #1 insperation today. His just amazing. His playing style is more suited to Nickelback even he said so himself. He was great with 3 Doors Down Though.

Guys bag him out because he does the same drum solo all the time. Well they know nothing about drums. A solo should be based on something and stick to that and just change it up everynow and then. Then you know what your doing. Instead of trying to pull things out of your ass that you dont know.

Mind you most of the people that bag him out are just weekend warrior drummers.

Knock yourselfs out :)

Martone Drum Solo

Martone - Molocules Of Time

Martone - Really Now (Kick ass drum solo)

Martone - Flatulation Farm

Martone - Dinky Pinky

Martone - Lips Tulips

Nickelback Drum Solo, Probably one of the best solos ever i would say. He gives the crowed what the want, double kick and fancy stuff.

3 Doors Down Drum Solo Paris

3 Doors Down Drum Solo Some Other Place

3 Doors Down Drum Solo Again

3 Doors Down - Let Me Go

3 Doors Down - Running Out Of Days

You can find your way to other vids from that.

Hope you enjoy. And watch the damn things took me while to do all that lol!
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