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If the Cowboys arnt getting to the superbowl then who is... The NFC is a pretty junky conference, the boys are clearly the best team in the conference. I mean the Bears, Lions, and Packers are pretty good but with the lions getting crushed by the skins, the Bears looking pretty unpredictable with quarterback issues, and Favre probably not going to be able to put up good numbers throughout the whole season singlehandedly, the Cowboys seem the most stable. But it wont matter who gets in the superbowl in the NFC because we all know this league is AFC-dominant. :P
Well besides the Cowgirls I like think the Redskins are looking better and better every week, I also would not count out the NY football Giants.

What the hell is wrong with the Saints?? What a complete and utter let down they have been. Brees looks like he merged with Rex Grossman and created some kind of mega scrub QB.
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