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Default Do you make funny faces

without being aware of it during your performance ? i do .....i cant seem to help it! IVE TRYD but it henders my performance.... ive found many examples of musicians who share the same trait ...........such as ...mick fleetwood, kim carnes drummer , myron grambacher. to name a few .Even singers such as joe cocker. they dont let there faces bother them . yet watching a drummer that has no expression tends to lack the showmanship to keep it interesting ! im pretty laid back then,just before play i like to say that im calm, cool and collected. then in an instant i become a unique performer, faces and all...people say to me it looks like im really getting into the song..)..thats where they are right .. im in my happy place with my favorite instrument exploring my inner drummer, while my faces are making drumming such a pleasure for me ... i want to share with other drummers who make faces ,. that there not alone, so imbrace your face , its not a disgrace , as long as its the music you chase!!.
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