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Default Re: hendrix vs. paige

I can't even say it is a mood thing! I find Page and Zepplin more controlled in their music and play - even when it sounds out of control I feel they are still masters of what is going on.

To me Hendrix and Mitchell were more on the edge of the seat, if you know what I mean. The only live.

I only watch and listen to the Led Zepplin live 2 dvd set and to Hendrix live on the Isle of Wright DVD. Two supreme examples of these groups in their peaks to me.

I love the feeling that Hendrix is gonna lose it, and I just love Mitchells playing. But to me it feels a bit more like a jam session. The Zepplin discs are nothing liek that.

Yet I struggle within myself when it's time to listen! I think I need two systems to listen to them concurrently. Do you think that would screw my head up too much?? I am adhd after all. I could handle it!
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