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Originally Posted by zappafan View Post
I've perused the responses here and some I agree with, some not....go figure. :)

Nutha - if Metallica has been scrabbling for success since the Black Album, as you put it, I think we all wish we could be doin' that scrabblin' what with selling out stadiums in minutes and selling zillions of albums. I don't understand that comment.

For others who say his playing has diminished, in your opinions it has. I am a fan of all albums up to and including the Black Album. The rest to me aren't very good. Ride the Lightning is far and away the best album imo.

From a technical standpoint, I don't know either way how he is as I am not that good of a drummer to say he isn't technical. Many people here on this forum are technique crazy to the point where it is tiring to hear over and over again. In helping amateurs such as myself, the info is great.i.e. stick grip, hand positioning etc.

It seems funny to point out these flaws (seemingly especially to Ulrich) to a dude who is in such a popular band. I understand there is some jealousy among many members who feel they are far superior to him in drumming skills. Just go with it dudes. He's a rock star and you (and me ain't). He's a zillionaire and we aren't. He plays stadiums, we don't. Not that he needs me to defend him, 'cause I'm sure he couldn't care less about this forum, but lighten up.

If they "sold out" with the Black Album, that's their business (and quite a succesful business it is). There seems to be a problem when musicians make money. Why is that?? Does everyone here work for free??

In closing, I'd like to say that I enjoy his drumming and if I get to the point where I can criticize any major star's technique or ability (and actually be serious about it), I'd better put down the sticks and play euchre.

My .02.

Diplomatic as ever ZF!! I like Lars; hes passionate and, as previously stated, what he does is ideal for Metallica. Is he the best technical drummer on the planet? Possibly not, but he's made a lotta ppl happy with his work and thats gotta count for something.
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