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Default Re: The Real Football Thread

The cowboys actually looked good against the Bills in my opinion. Here's why.

The Bills offense only scored three points. That fewer than any other game so far this year for the cowboys.
(two touchdowns were interception returns by the bills defense and the other was a kickoff return.)

The offensive line looked pretty good all things considered.

The kicker was AWESOME. This kid is a diamond in the rough.

Most importantly, have any of you ever see a QB throw five interceptions and fumble the ball once and THEN lead his team downfield twice in the 4th quater to win the game?

Furthermore, how about the fact that he led them to 9 points in 20 seconds?

I cant think of another quaterback in the leage that could come back from 6 turnovers and STILL win the game. That takes a hell of a quaterback. I know you guys will say Brady could do it, but I guess we'll never know since Brady has never been in that kind of a position before.

The dallas new england game should be the best of the season, and possibly a Super Bowl preview. It should be a great game and I hope both teams leave with healthy rosters.

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