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Originally Posted by cnw60 View Post
So what's up with this last second timeout thing on FG's?

I've followed the NFL for at least 30 years and I've never seen that tactic used, now it's happened 3 times this year. First time - it was like, OK, Shanahan's a crafty guy, 2nd time, you gotta give the Chargers credit for learning the lesson from getting beat the week before, now the 3rd time - it's starting to get old... don't you think?

Maybe it'll stop when teams start getting burned by it - if the kicker misses the 1st attempt and then nails the 2nd one - then it'll be more like, 'thanks for the mulligan'.
Yes, cnw60!

That's exactly what Mike Greenberg said this morning on Mike & Mike. What if the kicker "misses" the 1st attempted field-goal after that "slick" time-out?

Good call there, cnw60.

And that's why I think the rule should be changed ASAP...

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