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Default Re: The vinyl, the tape or CD debate!

Originally Posted by the skin man View Post
There was some big stereo convention where the owner of a company that makes super expensive speakers played some music on his speakers and asked the people there to guess what source he used. They said stuff like "oh, it must be one of those top of the line CD players with features x, y, and z and it must have blah blah blah." I turned out to be and ipod. I don't know what format he was using on the ipod, but still, it shows that expectations can color what we here. As far as the stuff about vinyl being "warmer" goes, it might not true. People may just think it sounds warmer because they go in with that expectation.
Aha! That's pretty funny. If it was an iPod, it could have been an MP3 or their proprietary format AAC. How well those songs sounded on the iPod have a lot to do with what bitrate the files were encoded in.

I understand what you're saying about expectations as well. I think the 'warm' sound of vinyl comes from the fact that records were very sensitive to low frequencies, so they had a bass heavy sound. Yesterday my wife and I were riding in our van to hit the bookshop. We were listening to the oldies station, a song came on and my wife complained because she couldn't hear the vocals. She said they needed to turn it up in the mix. I thought that by the era of the song, it had to be on vinyl, so it naturally had a bass heavy sound. On top that, the radio station is adding compression to level the volume between songs, and that brings out the bass even more. Even more so, our van is less than ten years old, so it has a decent stereo in it- meaning a bass enhanced system. So add those three factors together, and we're getting mostly bass from this radio station. I adjust the bass knob down and voila! The vocals, and the rest of the band for that matter, were audible.


If you're curious, here are a couple of links explaining the AAC and OGG file formats.
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