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Default Re: The Real Football Thread

Originally Posted by michael drums View Post

300 yds, and NOT enough P O I N T S!! The score matters, Erik. Not the passing yds. As proved, most definitely, by the G.B. Packers last night.

If your not scoring points, what does the yds. passing give ya??

Uhhh...a defeat of 27-20 at the end of 60 minutes of football. That's what! ;-)

And I wouldn't count your chickens yet, Erik! The Pats could actually fall to the Cowboys. It's gonna be their toughest test yet, this year. So be careful you don't get over confident with the Pats. You know what happened last year...

Go Boys... :-)
I hate the Pats but I hate the Cowboys more. We need both The Pats and the Colts to be undefeated before their epic match-up because it's becoming obvious that these two teams are heads and shoulders above the rest of the league.

It will be the best game of the year, can't wait the few weeks!
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