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Erik Lund
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Default Re: The Real Football Thread

The Packers didn't score because of a few turnovers NOT by Favre (for a change) - that doesn't mean he didn't look great in the first half. I'm just saying "lack-luster" is the wrong choice of words...

Now the 2nd half was another story. That could be called any number of negative things...But the game is about adjustments, and GB didn't adjust.

Not that I care (again). Just commenting on what I saw.

And no - I'm 100% confident in the Pats against the Cowpokes...Cowboys needed a miracle to beat the Bills... Forgive me for not being too cautious with my optimism. Romo looked absolutely horrible and I don't think facing the best team (and possibly one of the best of all time when things are said and done this year) on 5-days-rest is gonna be the recipe to "bounce back".

Only reason Tom and the Pats lost to the Colts last year is 'cause Tom was single and unsure if he was gonna take a supermodel home each night... Now that's he's got a permanent one, there are no worries in Patsland.
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