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well emotional punk is in.

look, i've read this whole thread and i must say that some folks here do need to consider a wise old saying:

better to be quiet and let the world think you are a fool than to open your mouth and prove it.

Tre cool is a very big part of greenday's sound and a clever drummer at that. there is a type of narrow minded generic snobbery on these types of threads. unless a drummer plays highly progressive jazz or rock (and in so doing prooves he has enormously varied chops) he cannot really be a great drummer. I don't care what anyone says, i know that, for example Phill Rudd is a great drummer. and he plays far more simpler stuff than tre. the fact is you need to look elsewhere on the scorecard and not just under 'can play very fast double bass' or 'can play very odd timesignatures' etc.

tre has some clever ideas.
take american idiot which my band plays. i had to study that song.
look at the drop out to bass drum pulse only parts at the end of each singing line in the verse ... 'don't wanna be an american idiot (dub! dub! dub! dub!). nice open space and contrasts well with the guitar and punk crash explosion that comes between. nodes and internodes. most drummers would have kept this successful formula throughout the verses in hte song.
but tre colours it a bit with an exciting and simple addition in the last two nodes of the second verse. he drops in a great backbeat snare and also adds in a ride on the floor tom. the contrast is still there but now there is an element of excitement and of course the song is more interesting. in terms of drumming this little alteration for me is the hook in the piece. this is great drumming. you only have to look for it.

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