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michael drums
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Default Re: The Real Football Thread

Originally Posted by TheGroceryman View Post
Regarding the Pats and Cowboys game, does anyone have any stats on the Cowboys defense? Cause it wont matter how good Romo plays because if its gonna be a shootout then Brady will definately win. But I really dont think the Cowboys can win, I mean the Pats dominate on both sides of the ball, Brady has like a perfect QB rating with a huge arsenel of WR's and their defense can stop the run really well.

And I guess I spoke too soon Michael, Greenbay suffered a disappointing loss :(. I guess i should've predicted they would lose after all those turnovers that I witnessed in the first half.

EDIT: COOL! i made a smiley face! :)

EDIT #2: Or a frowny face i guess you would call it.
Whatever, Dude...

Geessshhh. What are you...2?

So I guess I CAN toot my own horn about my prediction that the Bills/Cowboys game might be better than you think.

You're Welcome...

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