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Default Re: The vinyl, the tape or CD debate!

To my ears, analog recorded rock sounds vastly superior on vinyl. Recently I aquired the complete Beatles discography in a direct from vinyl flac format and let me tell you, it's unbelievable how much cooler it sounds than my store bought cds. I have both the store bought Abby Road and the flac versions on my zune just to let people hear the difference. Vinyl just has a nice warm fatness to it that doesn't take away the clarity. Now this all may change when the new remasters come out eventually, and I'll change my tune but...

But my beef isn't so much with the recording format because really, protools does a good job and is way more practical. My problem is really with the way everything is miked and mixed and processed within an inch of it's life. I read an interview with Dylan and he said what was great about the old days was the technology of recording was still new and you didn't hear everything on the final product it was like the ambient noise and the lack of total clarity were contributing to the overall sound of the recording. Of course this all just the opinion of someone who grew up with records and tapes and prolly doesn't mean squat!

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