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Default Re: The vinyl, the tape or CD debate!

Vinyls - Beautiful pure sound, the good old fashioned crackle sound, very underrated! I have noticed it is still used for effects on CDs such as 'The White Stripes - 3l3phant' and 'Eva Cassady - Songbird'

CD - Too Clean, no character and way to perfect!
I'm not convinced there really is a difference. Just do this: get a bunch of sound freaks and have them listen to something on CD and then the same thing on vinyl and sometimes just play the same thing on both CD and vinyl and take a look at whether or not they can really tell the difference. I'd bet it would come out at not much better than chance level as long as the turn table for the vinyl was good. Half the time they would say there was a difference when the same thing had been played twice on vinyl and CD and other times they would not be able to notice a difference even though the song had been played on both CD and vinyl. It's just that CD's are more convenient.
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