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Erik Lund
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Default Re: The Real Football Thread

"How 'bout them Packers? Oops! How'd that happen? My guess is the lack-luster 1st half they had, and all the turnovers throught the game! Yea, they were up 17-7 at halftime. But they REALLY didn't look like an undefeated team with their offense. Seemed a little confused with what they were tryin' to do offensively. And I think it carried over to the second half...scoring ONLY 3 POINTS! Ughh... "

Not sure how you could call is lack-luster...Favre had almost 300 yards at half-time...

Tony Romo better have a good game tonight. Because next week he's going to experience first-hand what Peyton had to go through for years + Randy Moss/Donte Stallworth/Wes Welker ie a crushing blow to the ego.
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