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Default Re: The Real Football Thread

Hmmm.... what game to comment on first, hmm.

I think i'll talk about the jets, giants game. I was really surprised that the giants won, their defense really surprised me. Jets had absolutely no running game at all, and they shut down pennington second half pretty well. So props to the giants D! But, i have to say eli really hasnt improved that much, a pretty mediocre performance from him in my opinion.

Other notable performances, umm, Tom Brady of course another amazing performance. If he keeps up this pace, he'll beat Peyton for the single season touchdown record at 49 TD's, which is kinda ridiculous because thats averaging more than 3 TD's a game...

CHARGERS! Yea! Finally, they look like that dominating team they were last year! They win 41-3 against the Broncos! Yes! I hope they can keep it up, i hate to see such a talented team struggle.

Thats about all i can remember at the moment, im pretty tired. RIght now I'm watching the Packers dominate the Bears, ah man Brett Favre is a beast.
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