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Default Re: The Right Brain/Left Brain Test

Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON View Post
only with the gretest concentration, and then only for short spurts, can i force myself to see her turning anticlockwise. i am firmly a right brainer.

my question is: what is better for drumming?

I would think both. You need LH for groove pattens (logical and mathamatical) and RH for the more creative side of drumming plus some of the more spacial elements (like hitting the right part of the drum or rim).

The interesting thing comes when you look at gender differences and brain dominance. Women are more likely to have a dominant right side and men a more dominant left side. This means in the mechanics of drumming men have an advantage as they are pre-disposed to logical patterns whereas women have more advantage in the creative aspects of drumming. Remember though that the differences between women and men are much smaller than the differences within groups of women and men.

Lots of stuff here plus a chance to see if you are more left or right hand brained.
OK, OK It's back to rudiments for me! I'll be back in a few months
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