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I love Vinnie Paul. He defo changed the way i look at drumming and double bass drumming. Defo one o the best metal drummers of al time

Originally Posted by NaturalRaZ View Post
I am hesitant to give my unfiltered opinion on the matter, due to the fact that I want unfiltered opinions that are not in response to my opinon. What I will acknowledge is... it really made me see Vinnie in a different light. In a negative way at that.

Following Pantera for years.... loving them, watching them split... only hearing rumours and opinons... then finally being able to hear Phil's words direcctly really shed some light on the matter.

I always thought that something was seriously wrong within the big picture of Pantera.... considering everything I ever heard about the split was always one-sided. That side being from Vinnie and somehow, Phil's side being closed quickly through publicists and lawyers tricks.

I know that VH1's "Behind The Music" is a show... and the goals are to get attention, ratings and compete with the other music broadcasting company. Being in Radio Broadcasting for a bit, I do understand the "Cut and Paste" method when it comes to telling a story. Thats why you see numerous "STORY WRITERS" in the credits of these shows. They are there to tell a story utilizing the information that they have on tape. Even if its used to flop the actual reality of what was said. But... its simple in my view. The things that were said.... WERE SAID. And, I understand the context of them... being that I am able to separate myself from the story telling process, and just listen to the words said.

But... I want others opinons on the matter... if they saw it.
I think the show was all in Vinne and DIme favour and was making out it was all phils fault

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My birthday is the same as Madonna's :)
Mines Posh Spice

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Vinnie = LOUD! Hes good!
BUT I have heard that Vinnie was guilty of using bass drum triggers... Dont know, just heard through the grapevine
He on one tour i dont no which one tho he triggered to his drums to the studio drum sound so his kit would just like the record
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