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Default Re: The Right Brain/Left Brain Test

Originally Posted by the skin man View Post
Yeah, I guess I don't really get how it works because for the illusion to fool us, it seems that for every still image in the sequence there should be at least two interpretations of what position the figure is in, but given that the leg and the arm are in different positions, it seems like there is only one correct position for every still frame in the sequence. So it's a little confusing. To me, her right leg seems like the one that's not touching the floor, so if it was rotating the other way, the left leg would not be touching the floor? Very confusing. At the moment when she's facing to the side and not directly from the front or to the back, then those figures might be ambiguous: either the left leg or the right leg is extended, but nothing in the outline forces our mind to see it one way or another. But the other positions seem to only allow one interpretation.
I took a screenshot of one of the frames, made a duplicate and added just a single grey line to each. See the difference in the ladies' postures?

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The first one is facing towards you with her left foot on the ground, and the second one is facing away with her right foot on the ground.
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