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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Originally Posted by KzSgDrummer View Post
I can't decide whether I like This Time or Breakin' Away better.. they're both cut from the same exact cloth. And I know what you mean about those simple fills that just makes the empty space cry out for its mommy (lol). One of my favorite moments is in Roof Garden, the first fill at 0:57.. those backbeats just burst out at you! Same idea at 3:13.

Never Givin Up, Love is Real, Alonzo, Spain, Your Sweet Love, Closer to your Love, My Old Friend, Easy, Blue Rondo... I could gush about this timeless music forever.
Yes, I think we're talking about two different things; but you put your finger on it. It was the space between the notes that really got me to rethink my breaks, and also the placement of the notes, the sound of the notes, the pitch of the drums, the use of a dynamic and accent range in the fill, which gave it a sense of direction; it was music. When I play Gadd for my young students and say listen to this fill, they are always awed by it; it still sounds 'like' way cool man even to kids today. lol
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