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Default Rush Tour 2007 Thread

Hey there!
Just got back from the 3 hour - Sheffield set which was bloody awesome! I can only describe the gig as -Unbelieveable!-

I was in a trance the whole time from the pure talent and the extreme sound that just came from 3 members! They are the most sound efficient band I have heard in a long time, and it just shows, you don't need 5+ members to get a full sound!

As for stage presence, Geddy Lee was definatly a fun frontman to have. He did his best to invove the audience which I felt worked really well (I love his idea of having Chicken Oven instead of a bass amp!) but I thought Alex Lifeson was a bit static.

Last but definatly not least, The Professor! The drum solo was increadible, it was the equivelent of an around-the-world-in-8-minutes solo! He really showed his best abilties as a drummer! His beats were tight and damn impressive!

From this gig, it has showed me the modern music has no were near as much attention and technicality put into it! I am now sticking with vintage!
Forget Travis Barker, Forget Joey Jordison, Listen to Peart or Bonham!!!!!

Any other reviews on the tour?? Any chance of a part of the forum for gig reviews or is this the wrong place for that??

X- Spartacus -X
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