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Originally Posted by michael drums View Post

Pearts' inhuman perfection lacks human sound???

Carl Palmer was/is more than a little sloppy???

First of all...I've seen NP 22 times live, and THE absolute last statement, I would give, to describe every one of his performances would be "lacking human sound" WTF???

And second...I just recently saw Carl Palmer play in a small jazz-like club in Annapolis, Md., less than a year ago, and he was no where near sloppy. Dude...I was sitting at the front table, at this show, 6 FEET from him! You've got to be kidding? Right?

He was fantastic. In every way. Phenomenal, would be a fitting description of Carl Palmer, that evening.

Sloppy? Huh. Everyone on this forum wishes they were as sloppy as Carl Palmer...

Actually, I saw him last year also and his playing was less then up to par. He made far too many blunders, including dropping his sticks; he didn't sound like he had warmed up and his playing was far less then stellar; it was stiff and lacking in excitement or luster.
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