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Big ELP fan here, have been ever since I first heard Luck Man back in 1970. I can see where some of you do not like Carl's groove, but I don't think that is where the focus was at that time. Prog music was breaking all the rules back then. Time signitures,dynamics, morphing jazz and classical music into rock etc. was very exciting for me and also gave the drummer a chance to step it up and be noticed as something more than a time keeper.

My timing was challanged back in the 80's by a guitarist, I wanted to drop the guy because IMO he was insulting my playing. It was the best thing to happen to me because from there I joined a band that used sequencing and I had to play the groove or I was gone. I'm getting off track here sorry.

Carl is one of my greatest influences to this day. The best groove player, not at all. When I want to hear a groove I'll listen to Vinnie C. or Gadd ar many of the other great players. When I want to hear and see flash and technique I will listen or watch Carl Palmer.

We all march to the beat of a different drummer, that's what makes playing drums so great.
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