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Default Re: The Right Brain/Left Brain Test

At any point when she is rotating, whether you see it going counter-clockwise or clockwise, you should be able to tell when her back is facing you and when her front is facing you. Even easier is to tell when she is facing directly to the left or directly to the right. Therefore you should be able to piece together four directions in sequential order (back-facing, right-facing, front-facing, left-facing = clockwise ; and vice versa) and logically deduce which way she is spinning. This is no optical illusion or "brain test" I'm afraid. But indeed if we all look at it long enough; sometimes for 4 seconds sometimes after 4 minutes, she will change directions and anyone who is watching her with you will agree.

Left-brain right-brain divisions are very interesting but don't let this spinning lady fool you into thinking sometimes you're right dominant, sometimes you're left dominant.
Many of us probably do lie near the middle of the right/left brain spectrum, but the ballerina is not the clue.
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